Rainbow is an episode of Series 2.  


O sees some drops of water falling from the sky. He sees it's starting to rain. He sees W, E, and T running in the rain. R, U, and N are running as well. U's umbrella blows away and O catches it. He sees F, U, and N jumping in puddles. S flies in and hold hands with U and N.

s-u-n, SUN!

A sun appears, as well as a colorful rainbow. O walks through the rainbow and bumps into G. They've been color-changed as they walk through the rainbow. Then they walk on the rainbow as they sing the colors. At the end of the rainbow they see a pot of gold on the other side of a rainbow-colored river. They come down, but they don't know what to use. Suddenly, B, C, D, F, H, J, and L slide down from the rainbow.

How will they help?

BOG - B, O and G are in a bog.

COG - C rides on a cog, but it doesn't reach the gold.

DOG - A dog appears. After turning rainbow-colored after jumping into the river, it instead digs for a bone.

FOG - F, O, and G fly in a fog.

HOG - A hog refuses to help.

JOG - J, O and G go jogging.

LOG (star word) - A log appears to make as a bridge for the Alphablocks to cross the river. They come to the gold, but O sees it too useless. They dump out the gold and use the pot as a boat.


  • Song: The Rainbow Song
  • Total words: 4 (TV version), 8 (game version)
  • A, I, K, M, P, Q, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • E, N, S, T, and U only say their sound in this episode.
  • O have in rainbow-colored in rain day.
  • E, T and W some example SOUNDS in WET.


  • In some episodes, such as Top, Party, Hide, Hill, Zap, Fair, Clap and Cowboy, the mentioned cannon on Q’s is missing absent.
  • E, N, S, T, U, and W make a cameo end.
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