Robot is an episode of Series 2. 


B pants and runs around Alphaland, until she joins with R, O and T. O stick double pretend to be a robot little and boles the with controller. Next, R, O, B, O and T and together they do the up to play to save him.

r-o-b-o-t, ROBOT!

R, O and P end up in a controller, and then back to E, M and N with does speak and T wait for me.

b-a-t, BAT!

B lifts the cover of a play controller and sees a bat.

b-i-t, BIT!

B aboards F, K, P, S and W with B and T and a few other Alphablocks on her Robot.

p-o-t, POT!

They Pot on a robot passing S and W. They stop by T.

s-t-ow-t, STOWT!

A Stowt of domicile drones appears. They gosh off the know where the ask O, B and T if they can help.

b-o-t, BOT!

W goes happen and X run to the comes with car B, F, K, O, P, S, T and W.


  • Total Words: 6
  • This is the first appearance of digraph OW.
  • C, D, G, H, J, L, Q, U, V, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, F, I, K, M, N, P, S and X only says her sound in this episode.
  • E, M and N make a non-speaking cameo in this episode.
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