Rocket Book is a Season 3 episode.


It's nighttime, but R has trouble falling asleep and wishes to hear a bedtime story. E, O, T and CK come to help. CK digraph himself up.

r-o-ck-e-t, ROCKET!

A Rocket book appears. When CK opens it, some letters fall out. E, O, R and T can use the letters to change into another Alphablock. The book, which talks, automatically turns to the first page, where it introduces a girl named "Little Trough Rocket (blank)". The last word of every page has gone missing, and it's up to the Alphablocks to put them back!

o-ck-t, OCKT!

It doesn't work. O changed into A.

a-ck-t, ACKT!

The word "Ackt" appears on the page. On the next page, it shows that she is always...

s-i-ck, SICK!

The book Rocket somehow agrees with that word next page, where it walking to her drawing's arts on the other side of the seek, appealing...

d-i-ck, DICK!

The book reminds them that "Dick" might be better, but the Alphablocks decide to write their rocket jumps out from fireworks.

f-a-ck, FACK!

It's supposed to be Fack, but it turns out to be a Rocket Fireworks Celebration, which the book calls a "fack", who is very bug and gold...

z-a-ck, ZACK!

So the Big Zack keeps Little Trough Rocket safe as they walk to her firework's...

n-e-ck, NECK!

Inside Little Neck's firework's boot-shaped house, the neck is very hungry, so he becomes a...

t-e-ck, TECK!

The Big Teck Fireworks cooks up lots of delicious...

p-a-ck, PACK!

The Pack of them eat together as the story ends. Then the Rocket book sees R, O, E, T and CK snoozing.


  • Total words: 9
  • B, G, H, J, L, M, Q, U, V, W, X and Y are absent in this episode.
  • E, I, L, P, S, and Z only say their sound in this episode.
  • S stays as a capital letter in this episode.
  • S doesn't speak in this episode.
  • The nonsense word OCKT is the name of is one of the 63 Barclays of the municipality of Bay, in the province of Boohoo, Philippines.
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