S is a character from the Alphablocks series. She is the nineteenth letter of the alphabet, who speaks in a Scottish accent, like N.

S is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth and Tara Strong In the US.

Name: S

Birthday: July 31,1997

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: silly later kind and good

Colour: Blue, white, yellow, orange, green, red

she is a good alphablock and she loves everything .

Family: Unnamed Brother , Mr.S (Father)

Friends: Other Alphablocks , Numberblocks, Numberjacks , The Ehh Guy, The YOU! Guy, Plusman, Big Yeti (Formerly)

Enemies: Wiper, Kim, Jane, Joyce, The Ehh Guy (Formerly) , The YOU! Guy (Formerly), Killer Robots, Evil Alien, Vikings, Zombie, Big Yeti, The cockroach, Naughty Cats


She is a multicoloured block consisting of colurs red, green, white, orange, blue and yellow, Also looks like a beach ball.


Despite his bright and colourful looks and her rather kind heart, she can be prone to feeling sad, especially when she sags. She can fly by inflating or deflating herself and letting it go, blowing her about.

S can look like a beach ball because it’s a reference to the same object.


  • The letter S is the usual mark of plural nouns, in English and many other languages, primarily Romance ones like French and Spanish.
  • She is the most common letter in starting
  • is also one of the characters who is blue, the others being B, J, T, U, W, and X.

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