Sail is a episode of Alphablocks.

In this episode, the Alphablocks sail in the sunset.

STORY: It is sunset, and L thinks she's going to be late. S, N, A, and I came to wonder. L says she promises three tired letters to sing them a lullaby when the sun goes down. So, A joins with I, forming digraph AI. But they don't have time to wait!

s-n-ai-l, SNAIL!

Then, a snail appears, and AI think it's slow!

s-ai-l, SAIL!

A sailboat appears and they see H, P, and W swimming. L suggests them to listen to the lullaby. H, P, and W hop aboard.

n-ai-l, NAIL!

A nail pops out of the boat, causing a leak. AI hope not to fail.

a-l-ph-a-b-e-t, ALPHABET

A need alyssa fart all alexis fart to alexis fart all alyssa fart.

What'll they do?

HAIL - It's hailing on the boat.

NAIL - "Not another one!" cried N after another nail pops in.

PAIN - P, AI and N are disguised in pain.

WAIL - W, AI and L wail.

PAIL (star word) - A pail covers the leak and the snail's shell can move again. L spots land. Then she sings B, E, and D a lullaby.

Unusual words


  • P only says her sound in this episode.
  • C, F, G, J, K, M, O, Q, R, T, U, V, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • When not here F, G, K, O and U mentioned.

A AND I: A, a, a! This is different.

I: I like it.

N: Now we're in trouble. We needed that nail.

L: Look, we haven't got time to wait.

W: W-what can we do now?

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