Series 4 began in the UK in June 2013 to July 2013.


FOUR (ending blends) - The Band sings with words with ending blends.

CLAP (beginning blends) - S thinks she's not special, but some think she's a special S. She sings with words with beginning blends.

PRANK (beginning and ending blends) - A's nose is red and begins to play tricks on other letters.

PLUSMAN (compound words) - X bonks his head and turns into Plusman. He has the ability to make compound words.

ALPHABET ("wh" and "ph" sounds) - Letters of the alphabet come to Alphaland. Digraphs WH and PH collect each and every letter.

NAME (long "a") - A has the hiccups and can't say her name; E, I, and Y help him.

SLEEP (long "e") - E wants to go to sleep.

MINE (long "i") - I is having a party, but since she's the only one who can say her name, she can't invite E, G, and H.

HOME (long "o") - O rides a boat with A and stubs his toe with E. He finds a golden "o".

BLUE (long "u") - I sees that all of Alphaland has turned blue. U tells her how it happened.

OUTLAW ("aw" and "au" sounds) - I plays police with digraphs AW and AU.

BIRTHDAY GIRL ("ir" sound) - Digraphs IT throws a birthday party for a girl.

COWBOY ("oy" and "ou" sounds) - A cowboy finds a cow with digraph OU.

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