If you want to see the episode, see Seventeen's Entertainer
Seventeen was a character in NB


Seventeen was a numberblock with dark purple eyes and lips. He has a rainbow 'hat' on top and his body was white with red borders. he also has paint splats all over his body which he uses for his art palette.


" Hold your pose! "

" That's not 'perfect'! "( Seventeen's Entertainer )

" Hold on! "

( To his sister, Nineteen ) " Let's play! "


  • Seventeen really loves animals, especially Bunnidillos
  • When he took off his 'hat', he will split into Seven and Ten, this is possible that this is his real head.
  • Although he loves critters, he also loves alphablocks.
  • On Bad Doll and Rabbit Situation, it revealed that he could survive.
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