" I'm out of blue paint, I've better get more! Wait for me, guys! "-

Seventeen, after knowing that he is out of the blue paint

9 square
4 square
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Cursed One's Picture

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Fixed picture


Tired H

Sleeping Alphablocks

Seventeen's Entertainer is the episode of NB


While Seventeen goes out to find blue paint, mysterious Square Queen kidnapped him and command him to do a paint of her. Will Seventeen escape her clutches or Seventeen will be in her butlers, forever?


The episode begins in Arts And Crafts Hut, where Seventeen paints A, B, C and D standing on a ball. But B is squishing A and D makes silly faces. Seventeen said that this isn't ' perfect ' and ask them to restart the pose. As Seventeen looked at his art palette, he noticed that he is out of blue paint. So Seventeen went outside to refill the color blue on his palette.

At Cursed Square Palace, Square Queen was viewing the whole of Eggysburg, while suddenly, she saw Seventeen passing by. She knew he will help with the drawing situation of the ugly picture from Cursed One. She called out Cursed Four and Nine to get him.

Back at Tens Forest, G, H, I, J, P, S, Y and Fourteen stops by Seventeen to allow him to cross the path. Cursed Four and Nine ran and caught Seventeen, and dragged him to the palace.

Back at Cursed Square Palace, Cursed Four, and Nine brought Seventeen to Square Queen, who was waiting. The Square Queen then told Seventeen to redraw the picture that Cursed One made. He then accepts it and redraws the picture. The Square Queen was happy and she wanted more. He then paints pictures of Square Queen. Seventeen walked back to his hut to paint A, B, C and D on a ball, but she said he wouldn't go back and keep making more pictures.

At night, they slept at his hut and Seventeen make more without resting. Seventeen heard someone coming: It was Fourteen. Fourteen then take Seventeen on his skateboard. Then, woo! woo! woo! woo!, the alarm rang, causing the Cursed Forty-Nines to take action. Fourteen dodged them. But one cursed forty-nine tripped his skateboard, causing them to fling them into the air, which brought them to The Square Queen. She tells Seventeen why he would leave. He told that he needed to paint someone else like his friends. The Square Queen then learn her lesson: Friends are always more important than any guy/girl.

Seventeen now paint the four Alphablocks on the ball and Cursed One drew The Square Queen, but she drew herself with The Square Queen with a heart. The Square Queen then became happy and she said that it's the best final portrait and hugged Cursed One. The camera then leaves Eggysburg, ending the episode


  • This is the first episode to not having words spelled out.
  • E,F,I,K,L,M,N,O,Q,R,T,U,V,W,X, and Z were absent
  • This episode is similar to The Portrait from Angry Birds Stella
    One Million One Hundred and Eighty-Four

    The final portrait of Square Queen

    Animated Series. But there were differences in it.
  • This includes,
  • Seventeen not losing a hat.
  • Escaping with another person.
  • The return of the artist she knew.
  • The fourth wall break by Eggysburg


  • When G is holding 7 Butterfishes, one butterfish is missing.
  • After Fourteen stops by Seventeen, he looks worried than happy.
  • You could see Seventeen was thrown by the cursed squares, well if you paused the correct length, you could see Seventeen about to split into Seven and Ten.
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