It's Ski for A, F, H, O, S and W but they play to snowboard.

STORY: It is snow. A, F, H, O, S and W suppose her to looking ski. The other each come in playing snow, causing F to family and join in. After F their ski and play games on uniform, the other continue playing ski, when B, N and R comes in.

n-ar, NAR!

A nar appears. B rolls away. K comes in.

k-a-n, KAN!

A Kan appears. The other A, F, H, N, O, R, S and W go for Ski in the games. Then they Constants H and S not comes undefined.

sh-a-f, SHAF!

A Shaf appears. The Alphablocks ski on the games. A, F, H, N, O, R, S and W the play can't go ski games.

f-a-s, FAS!

With Fas appears, S can darted go to Ski. Then, T but and can't go to fas appears.

s-a-t, SAT!

S, A and T and put him to ski. Then, games falls finish and she just line S save play everybody A VS O, F VS N, H VS S, R VS W Play Ski Games.

h-a-s, HAS!

A Has nap. Then needs to go sleep something.

r-aw-o, RAWO!

But S some disappears some ski end. thank you other!

NOTES: -Total words: 7. -C, D, E, G, I, J, L, M, P, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode. -B, H, K, R and W only say their sound in this episode. -H is the only sound in this episode with Sheep.

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