When the Sledge make the alphabet, anything can happen - as U, OU and a triple-go giraffe find out!


U doubles herself up. The first U sticks with O. U and OU come to a party, but D claims that the party is quite tiresome. Just then, E drops in and doubles up.

d-ou-e-u-e, DOUEUE!

A letter d appears. Next, they see c and e. Next, h comes in.

h-e-d, HED!

The alphabet can also make words! A bag appears for them to collect the whole alphabet. While collecting, the bag is getting Hed.

f-r-e-ou-e-n-t, FREOUENT!

An Freouent appears to help with the alphabet. But it can't do it in slow sledge.

p-ou-r-n, POURN!

The giraffe goes triple. After a few other letters, they reach a lake.

g-e-l-ou-b-e, GELOUBE!

A Geloube appears. They catch some other letters in the sea. Then they see N in the air.

k-ou-r-t, KOURT!

Whoosh! They catch nr, k and t in the bag. They return to the party. D asks them how many letters they've caught. OU looks in the bag, but one letter seems to be missing.

p-ou-ch, POUCH!

Which letter? y! That's the whole alphabet! They make the party exciting, as the episode ends. NOTES: -Total words: 7. -A, I, J, M, Q, S, V, W, X, Y, and Z are the only letters in the alphabet that do not make words. -N is hard to hear in this episode because she makes the same sound as OU. -A and T only say their sound. They were each heard once. They talk for the rest of the episode. -POUCH is the only word which a single letter (H) appears in a digraph. -This episode marks digraph OU's only appearance. The digraph only sounds out words by using the Animal 6B Alphabet and the other Alphablocks.

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