Everyone sleeps except Fandom.

Fandom opens the case.

L: The case is open!

The case is opened.

The case is open now.

Through the song:

After Fandom open the case, Fandom start the instrument music episode.


All: Let’s day with it.

I: I don’t need help.

Option 1:

D: Why do live, need help?

H: Is in the wiki?

D: Why do live?

H: Is in the wiki?

D: If we not live, what happen?

H: We are raining.

H: We are raining, raining, raining.

A: New message, where‘s a message?

D: Why get do message?

S: Why help her?

Option 2:

A: WOW, you win.

D: YEP, you win.


J: STOP being mad.

K: It’s an message.

X: We are not mad.

Z: I’m sleeping.

Option 3:


X: How‘s your day?

S: I’m good, good, good.

K: Why do live?


Q: Quick.



K: Help with happen

K: Go with me.

X: Fall with the love.

C, G, H, J: Fall in love.

X: Lower voice.

X: Ready?

X: Set,

X: Go!

Main Option:

C: How’s your love?

C: Voice Optional in love.

C, F, G, H, J, S: We’re dogs and cats.

C: How’s your voice?

C: Voice Optional in love.

C, F, G, H, J, S: We’re dogs and cats, Let’s be pets.


All: Let’s say it!

I: Nobody can help me!

All except I: It’s exactly on of them...

I: ...Why?

H: Oh yeah.

J: The end.

K: Case closed.

L: Case closed now.

L: Let’s go to sleep.

From Sleep:

Fandom: That’s happily ever after.

Fandom: The end.

Fandom: Case closed.

Fandom closed the case, the case is closed.

After Fandom closed the case while Alphablocks sleeping, he turned off the case, after it, Fandom go in the end. After Fandom go, he tells it.

After tells it, Fandom go again.

After Fandom go again, it’s the end.


Alpha Aser

Beta Bindely

Cindera Cerly

Dankee Delta

Eripsode Erin

Friendder Frined

Ghijier Geriji

Heta Harrta

and many more.

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