Sort or 'Splode is an episode of Series 3. 


The Alphablocks have an Sort or 'Splode Sing Song. They start by holding hands and singing what they see...

g-e-d, GED!

m-i-r, MIR!

A ged and a mir appear, and the Alphablocks sing:

Hey look at that, a mir and a ged
The mir chased the ged all around
The little ged laughed to see such fun
And the mir fell asleep on the ground
N needs the others to change the lyrics. The mir and ged bump the Alphablocks, changing them into different words.

g-i-d, GID!

A dish of gid appears for the cat to eat.

r-e-m, REM!

The ged comes up to the mir for a game of rem. The song is changed to:

Isn't that odd, the mir ate the gid
The doggy's tail started to wag
The little mir laughed to see such fun
And they both played a nice game of rem
N needs someone to sort the dish out. T jumps in.

r-e-t, RET!

The dish comes to life and ret around. A comes in.

r-a-t, RAT!

The rat appears ged plays a mir on the fiddle. The song is changed to:

Listen to that, a tune by the mir
Someone tripped over a fish
The little mir laughed to see such fun
And the doggy chased after the dish
N slips on the gid and calls for a cleanup. p-a-t, PAT!

A Pat cleans away the fish. Then T doubles up.

t-a-t, TAT!

A Tat appears. S cries "No!"

t-a-s, TAS!

A Tas appears. W comes in again.

w-a-n-t-s, WANTS!

A Wants appears. W comes away while N tosses the spoon at X, waking him up. He sky super hero to T and S.

t-a-x-s, TAXS!

The rat flies a rocketship over the moon-tas.

Hey diddle diddle, the Mir and the fiddle
The rat jumped over the moon
The little ged laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the wants
Everyone cheers successfully and N says "Sensational!"


  • Total words: 11
  • A, D, E, M, P, S, T and X only say their sound in this episode.
  • B, C, F, H, J, K, L, O, Q, U, V, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • This is the X is cameo sleep speaking the end.
  • W is the only Alphablock who is not seen singing. She instead disappears after WANTS is sounded out.
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