In this episode, S, P, A, C and E wonder what's up there, and find themselves in space.

Story Edit

S, P, A, C, and E wonder what's up there.

s-p-a-c-e, SPACE!

S, P, A, C, and E appear in a spaceship. F comes to see them, but F has to fly anywhere else. E wants to escape.

What will they do? Edit

PAS - it doesn't work.

ACE - E has an ace card.

CAP - C wears a cap.

PEA - P eats a pea.

SEA - Water appears out of the window.

APE (star word) - An ape drives the spaceship back to Alphaland. C thanks the ape. S is still wondering what's up there, but E is glad to be home.

Unusual Words Edit

  • Sac
  • Eap
  • Sap
  • Sec
  • Spa
  • Spe
  • Spc
  • Pas
  • Ase

Quotes Edit

Both: What's up there?

E: Eric! I mean, Space!

C: Come back!

P: Perfect! How?

S: (inflated with her leg sound out "ssss")

E AND A: Ea.

P: Ppp.


P: Ppp.

E AND A: Ea.


P: (munch) I like peas.

A-P : Ape!

S: Still wondering what's up there?

Trivia Edit

  • At a few point of the episode, the Alphablocks spelled out "ESCAPE".

Nonsense Words Edit

EAP Edit

Stands for employee assistance program.

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