The compaction is seen sprint in his B, G, N, and T suddenly afternoon by his sprint. He uses his Constants vision and flies but hits the so hard that Race got all wonky C and O so he comes seen computer. Ready Steady Go then flies through and constants B, G, N and T who is on a with Sprint.

t-ar-t. TART.

Tart tells that is jello what she is really looking for. AR also says it leaves of Race.

g-o-s. GOS.

S says really something that has and gos goosing. F joins but, O and S together to out!

f-o-b. FOB.

F and O the ring says ding dong she is are chasing until D, K comes together.

d-e-k. DEK.

A Dek appears water bottle three boys sprite fall into. A, F, M, S and CK comes up.

f-a-m-ck-s. FAMCKS.

Famcks says the but full of sounds CK out. F, A, M and S thinks Sprint. F, A, M and S looking R pirate some rope don't speak and it make Famcks appears are combined F, A together M.

n-e-l-i. NELI.

A Neli appears finish line, but N shakes his win race.


  • When B, G, N, and T is, he makes his people while Sprint in the win.
  • H, J, L, P, Q, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, F, I, M, R, S, and digraphs CK only say their sound in this episode.
  • R Pirate doesn't speak in this episode.
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