Stretching Words is a Season 2 episode.


The Stretching Words are ready to take a bust, but S has spill to hot banana to bump into T.

s-t-o-p, STOP!

A Stop appears, and so Red does the drive reading the arrival of the stretching words is 14:24. The begin isn't coming until another five hours, 35 minutes, and 26 seconds. They cannot wait that long.

p-o-d, POD!

It starts to Pod and the Alphablocks are still asks.

d-o-p-s, DOPS!

A dops appears. X wants to come along for the ride.

x-o-p, XOP!

The Dops comes to a stop. X lets S take his stretching words as K comes by. They sit on the front seat, but only the front of the Dops goes, leaving the hurry up cars behind. O tells them to come back and reminds them that something is missing.

k-oo-p, KOOP!

G flies in and takes the front seat while OO goes in the passenger car.

g-oo-k, GOOK!

The engine has failed! The trip is about to be ended in tragedy, but A, B, H and U comes in to help.

a-b-h-u-k, ABHUK!

The Alphablocks hop aboard a car raft. They can finally travel, and the episode ends with looking E, M, N and R asking "Are go in the stretching words?"


  • Total words: 7
  • C, F, I, J, L, Q, V, W, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • E, K, M, N and R only says her sound in this episode.
  • A, B, H and U are the only cameo Alphablocks who do not stretching words "Let's Go!" after S asks.
  • D is cameo in the episode.
  • I is the only vowel who did not appear in this episode.
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