Telescope is an episode of Series 3. 


The Alphablocks is appears to telescope. He invited to lingo telescope, when A, D, F, M, R, U, X and Z comes along and looking telescope.

d-r-u-m, DRUM!

A Drum appears on D. D, M, R and U are dimmest to see that Drum. J and K comes into them .

j-a-k, JAK!

A big jak begin R rope away A, D, F, J, K, M, U and X blow play on Z don't some bye bye. G comes into and bumps into S. Damming stoplight.

g-a-ss, GASS!

Gass plays ball soccer, but have time. He continues chasing the up and bumps into Y. A, D, F, J, K, M, U and X tells him the problem. Y calls for an emergency. C comes in.

c-u-y, CUY!

A Cuy appears. A, D, F, J, K, M, U and X teaches it tricks, but have time. He runs after F, J, K, U and X the Next, A, D and M runaway cuy and bumps into E, G, L, P, and T. Alphablocks tells them the problem.

What will they do?

GAD - Gad appears into them on telescope.

LAD - Lad fail to takes a thooms.

PAD - Pad P trumpet about To Music.

TAD - The Tad firmed. The back at it.

MAD (star word) - The Mad A, D, and M has finally. So F, J, K, U and X comes does everything in the Telescope.


Total words: 9

C, E, G, L, O, S, Y and Z only says her sound in this episode.

B, H, I, N, Q, V, and W are absent in this episode.

N doesn't appear in this episode.

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