The Crossword is an episode of Series 2. 


D and H going a park and them in. J plays Jaybird alone, she you stupid jaybird and together. Y comes in as happen. A drops in.

d-h-ay, DHAY!

D and H jump for the doll. A behind and Y crying in some T help Y, Later the O and R comes.

o-r, OR!

The or hits a Gun, you stupid gun, O learns the word and says it a few times stupid crossword. S angry O play With R behind into them, Next Day S hears call her Y and is surprised. She S knew that R was O not a very nice word, D and H with not funny with Y. Then she R gets a phone call from Y about what happened at the park, E comes to help.

r-e-ss, RESS!

S tells about it, and R calls Y to apologize and they make up funny. The next day at the park, S and Y see the looking Jaybird again, T comes to back.

j-e-t, JET!

J, E and T gets a ride on the Jet with help from the sky. A, D and H play comes with Y and S, But L and N comes.

y-a-l-n, YALN!

Y gets appears on the stupid with yaln from the boy.


  • B, C, F, G, I, K, M, P, Q, U, V, W, X and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, D, J, L, N, S and T only say their sound in this episode.
  • When Y first appears, his A, D and H voice is different and crying with Y only says his sound. The second time, his voice is normal and speaks properly after DHAY is sounded out.
  • D's Drumstick makes it's first appearance since "Band".
  • This is the first episode to feature D, H, J, L and Y.
  • The Jay Bird hunter resembles J.
  • This is the first time Y cries.
  • At the beginning of the episode when A, D and H are playing, J Jaybird are missing.
  • When S is on the phone with Y hearing about A, D and H day in the park, she is smiling the whole conversation, which is really weird since it was about D and H calling Y stupid.
  • When Y runs off crying, her eyes disappear.
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