Alphapox is a fanmade crossover episode of Alphablocks and Chalkzone.


Everyone in Alphaland suddenly starts to become ill with the Alphapox, and Rudy, Penny, and Snap must travel around Alphaland to find the cure.


In the morning, B and D are fast asleep. D wakes up as he goes over to his sister's bed to wake B up. He notices that B has red spots on her face as well as a red marker on B's nightstand and assumes B is trying to get a free day off by pretending to be ill. But when he tries to clean the dots off, he realizes that B was actually sick. B wakes up when D takes the covers off of her, only to complain that she's cold and coughs. Alarmed, D takes his sister to L, who says that the same thing happened to some other Alphablocks, such as K, A, E, O, S and U. Just then, D starts getting red spots on his face too and sneezes. Worried about their illnesses spreading, L calls Rudy, Penny, and Snap to tell them that they have a serious emergency. When the trio arrive at Alphaland, L tells them that some of the Alphablocks are starting to come down with a disease called Alphapox, which is kinda like the chickenpox, but only makes Alphablocks sick. They ask for a cure, and L says the cure for Alphapox was the Rainbow Flower, which could only be found in the Golden Cave. Penny notices that L is catching Alphapox as well and insteucts her to rest with the other blocks.

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