The Vowels are 5 vowels of the Alphablocks. They are A, E, I, O, and U.

A is a green vowel. Apple hits on her head, she wears plaster. In "Prank", she wears red clown nose plays jokes other Alphablocks.

E is a red vowel. He pulls his loudhailer make a echo. In "Sleep", he goes to sleep.

I is a fuchsia vowel. She sings when she is important. In "Win", she will win the vowel race.

O is an orange vowel. He pulls his magnifying glass is shape of "O". He can't speak. He is six years old. In "Rainbow", he looked up at the rain and he saw the rainbow.

U is a blue vowel. He wears glasses and he quite moody. In "Up", he goes for ride with his balloon.

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