Toilet is an episode of NB


Most Numberblocks need to go, just like us! Well, kinda embarrassing! But seek through OchDec's Bathroom to see our friends trying their best to go!


The episode starts with Eleven, Twelve, Fifteen, Sixteen and Eighteen sweating. They need to go and Eleven knocked on the door. Fourteen came out of the bathroom and winked at them. Eleven said she will come first. But Twelve skipped that and Fifteen hit her with her boomerang and she goes on. Sixteen blocked Fifteen's vision and reached the door handle. Eighteen distracted her with a square and goes on. Sixteen grabbed his leg and Eleven is the last.

Twelve leaped on those guys with her amazing leaping skills. She goes on now. The Numberblocks were now moaning for Twelve.

They wait for Twelve to come out by holding their strategies to go,

  • Eleven turned 90o and kicked her legs, holding it with both hands

After that, She was done. Everyone cheered for her. Twelve puts a sign saying " Toilet Broken ". Eighteen tells the others to go in someplace like a nearby restroom.

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