In this episode, T gets stuck on a mountain and the vowels help get him down.


T hopes to find a place to have tea with O, somewhere with a view. P pops in to help.

t-o-p, TOP!

Suddenly, a mountain appears and O falls off. P pops back, leaving T behind. O lands near the other vowels and tells them what happened. Vowels to the rescue!

A-E-I-O-U! Vowels know what to do! U-E-A-I-O! Rescue T, off we go!

As they come to the mountain, B and G were there to help.

How will they get T down?

BUG - A bug appears. G tells the bug to save T, but it's no good.

BOG - B, O and G are stuck in a bog.

BAG - A bag appears and out falls a bass guitar, an apple, and a bottle of water.

BEG - B, E and G beg for T to come down; but still it is no use.

BIG (star word) - B, I and G grow big. G tells T to get on top. B carries T.


  • When TOP is sounded out, T says "ta".
  • When G says "Great! Maybe there's something useful inside.", during one point, she turns herself to the viewer, breaking the fourth wall.
  • This is one of the episodes where someone breaks the fourth wall. In this case, it was G.

Running Gags

  • Every time I says she knows what to do, another one of the vowels says they also want to help before I has got a chance.


VOWELS: A-E-I-O-U! Vowels know what to do! U-E-A-I-O! Rescue T, off we go!

G: Go on, get on top.

T: A terrific view! A truly terrific view!

G: Great! Maybe there's something useful inside.

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