U thinks he's uncool. This episode teaches the short and long U sound.

U is Being uncool with his hat. But He Wants H to Help Him Find One
Along Came G.M. C. L E and S
M-U-L-E MULE. A MULE Deer Appear But L Told The Mule To Leave.
H-U-G-E HUGE. U`s Hat Is Huge
C-L-UE CLUE. H Come Up For A Hat Clue
G-U-M-S GUMS. M is Eating All The Gums U Said No M
S-M-E-LL SMELL. S Smell Someone stinky Its The Skunk
H-U-G-S HUGS. H U And G Hug With S.
M-U-G-S MUGS. Star Word U Was Trying To Pick A New Hat.
J Flies To Help U And P Pops Up.
J-U-M-P JUMP All The Jumping Woke Up Z.
Z says Keep Off with This HullaBaloo.

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