Uploaded is an episode of Series 2. 

Story Edit

U is unhappy. P wonders what happens to him, and they hold hands.

u-p, UP!

Everyone is lifted up by balloons! U is still unhappy. C comes to help.

c-u-p, CUP!

A cup appears, with T inside it. P doubles herself up.

p-u-p, PUP!

A puppy is lifted up as well. U wants a pup and a cup and to be up. U wants to come back down. O flies by.

p-o-p, POP!

A flock of birds pop the balloons and the Alphablocks fall down. D, G, M, and S come to help U.

What they do Edit

DUG - A dug appears Below them, a hole is dug up.

GUM - A gum appears.

MUG - A mug appears, with T in it.

SUM - A chalkboard appears, writing "7 + 1 =". M eats the equation before he answers "8".

MUD (star word) - A mud appears The Alphablocks land in the mud. U has had the best balloon ride of all and wants to do it again. P pops in.

u-p, UP!

Everyone is lifted up by balloons again, along with the cup with T in it.

Trivia Edit

  • Song: Up
  • Total words: 7 (TV version), 9 (game version)
  • B, F, J, L, Q, V, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • A, E, H, I, K, N, and R have no solo lines in this episode.
    • E isn't seen going down.
    • H and K aren't seen going up.
    • A is the only one out of these who appears with the other Alphablocks going up again.
  • G only says her sound as her solo line.
  • When the Alphablocks sing the first verse of Up, their arms do not move.

Goofs Edit

  • P’s balloon was purple, But in the next shot, It was red.
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