Today Alphablocks finds some invisible days, she plays Vesak of Full Moon Poya tricks on the other Alphablocks, but wishes she has fun with the cluster and the words vesak, raft, cek, kleng, delk, seelke, glekt and sky.

STORY: E approaches A, K and S. She sheet, "It is I!", startling them. V play arms vroom his obstacle too high, and it vesak play each other.

v-e-s-a-k, VESAK!

A Vesak appears. The play appears to be lanterns. They step in the chinese and play them! Meanwhile, T, F R and C are comes with lanterns chinese. R holds hands with the invisible A, F and T.

r-a-f-t, RAFT!

R, A, F and T find appears ship boat on the C plays Chinese Lanterns Vesak.

c-e-k, CEK!

Everything starts to smell! G runs and sticks with N.

k-l-e-ng, KLENG!

Kleng, Kleng, Kleng... NG sees a Vesak of plays. X comes in the vesak lanterns and becomes chinese. NG sends for the others. E, K and L become no Lanterns Chinese too. D comes next to E, L, and K.

d-e-l-k, DELK!

D, E, L and K turn vesak tee shirt! D bye bye away, while invisible EE and S arrive.

s-ee-l-k-e, SEELKE!

S, E, L and K Seelke! They run away. They bump into G and T.

g-l-e-k-t, GLEKT!

They take a Glekt drink. G, L, E, K and T get their colors bug. Then L holds hands with S, K and Y.

s-k-y, SKY!

S, K, and Y joins bye bye but the A, C, D, E, F, G, K, L, N, R, S, T, V, X and Y play lanterns chinese vesak!

NOTES: -Total words: 8. -G stays invisible through the whole episode. -S and Y stay invisible until the become visible at the end of the episode. -N (single) and NG and EE only say their sound in this episode. -L's only line (ignore his sound) is "Lovely." This is used twice. -B, H, I, J, M, O, P, Q, U, W and Z are absent in this episode.


A: (Sighs)

L: Look. Little L is lying down.

D: Do something.

C: Silence! I Kill you!

S: Small S will save you, Little L.

G and T: How about a nice cold...

g-l-e-k-t, GLEKT!

G: Gray.

L: lovely

E: Excellent

K: Okay.

T: Tip Toe

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