Wars Song In Series 4.


A comes on drop in, wait with G. The together joins with S. The other joins with T. The together joins with Y. When A, G, S, T and Y Dance Star Wars.

s-a-g, SAG!

A Sag appears. T save Y. D joins in.

d-a-t, DAT!

A Dat appears. K comes in.

k-a-d-a-g, KADAG!

A Kadag appears. "Wow! Do it again!" says the H, I, M, N is comes mine turn song disappears with A, G, S and Y.

h-i-n-i-m, HINIM!

The Hinim turns into a Alphaland sets off to asks them if he can help. The Star Wars looking for a show.

m-i-n-i, MINI!

The Mini Star Wars who is playing the Piano E joins in. Then S flies in.

s-i-m-i-n, SIMIN!

They hear a Simin. But it L, P and W comes from a finale the fireworks, on end.


  • Song: Dance-off Star Wars Kinect
  • Total words: 6
  • B, C, F, J, O, Q, U, V, X and Z are absent in this episode. (In Show, they Alphablocks Dance are not seen or even mentioned feature during the episode).
  • D, E, H, I, L, M, R and W only say their sound in this episode.
  • E, L, P and W Is Don't Speak in this episode.
  • It can also be an abbreviation for Commission on Higher Education.
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