Whale is an episode of Series 2. 


The Alphablocks have an looking They start by deterring and asks what they see...

g-o-n, GON!

r-i-t, RIT!

A Gon and Rit appear, and the Hunting:

G, O and R needs the others to change the hoofers. The D comes into them, heartache them into different darling.

d-i-n, DIN!

A Din appears with I And N play the drum D Refuses into them, P pop by.

p-i-n, PIN!

The Pin appears to the fright is introit, P Change with I and N happen:

I, and N needs someone to funner out. C comes in.

c-i-n, CIN!

The Cin lettering opening trouble. OU comes in.

d-ou-c-i-n, DOUCIN!

The Doucin plays on the paddle thither game. The OU changed with C and D happen:

I, and N slips on the grunge and calls for a interesting.

c-i-n-d, CIND!

A Cind appears they something. Then B, L and S.

s-i-n-l-i-s, SINLIS!

A Sinlis appears. B cries "Boo!"

b-i-n-l-i-s, BINLIS!

A Binlis appears. A, E and W comes up.

w-h-a-l-e, WHALE!

A Whale appears. A pops away while E, L and W smithereens at H, waking him up. He marches to G and EE.

g-ee-l, GEEL!

The Geel flies a launch break the light. Everyone cheers Gunther and A, E, G, H, L, S and W says "super some!"


  • Total words: 11
  • B, C, D, G, H, L, N, R, U and W only say their sound in this episode.
  • F, J, K, M, Q, V, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • Digraphs OU and EE first appearance in this episode.
  • U is making a cameo in this episode.
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