Wheel Car is a Season 3 episode.


Each morning F loves to watch the Wheel Car drive by and wishes that he were old enough to ride it. U, G, L and F asks when he can ride the wheel car, G tells him not until his you today next birthday year some April 25th 1987. And shows him when it is on a calendar.

u-g-l, UGL!

The Alphaland Ugl Play.

n-a-g, NAG!

The Nag the land before Z wakes up. P poping by.

p-a-z, PAZ!

Paz play the Grumman drum.

ea-p, EAP!

The EA and P behind poping. next day F and G watch the Wheel Car and R hello F coming school and G sees the that the wheel car driver is H, the same driver that drove him to school many years ago. 

f-o-p-s, FOPS!

The F, O, P and S behind, F and R then comes and H says that Wheel Car ride the school. After R students go to school H takes F. G is waiting for him. Caillou gives H the picture of the wheel car and F and G say thank you and H says he'll see F after his next birthday with April 25th 1987, B, I, J, T and X.


Total words: 5

C, D, K, M, Q, V, W and Y are absent in this episode.

  • After this episode, F misses 4 episodes: Wish, Hey, Little Red N and Song.

No Screen are made with B, I, J, T and X with the end cameo.

Wheel Car painting refers to the Mona Lisa, created by the famous Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

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