Who's Twelve is an episode of NB.


Twelve loses her numberling after she was electrocuted by the lightning. Sixteen to the Seventeenth!


The episode begins at Eighteen's Lab. Eighteen and E saw that there is a storm on Eggysburg. He needs to warn the Critters to watch out for the storm. The Numberblocks and Alphablocks will help him. Seventeen, Twelve and G went to the Sunny Side-Up Jungle. H, J, K, and O went to the icy beach to tell the Nilladons, Water Kangaroos and Brown-Bellied Right Whales. The lightning strikes at the tree. Twelve quickly push the Bunnadillo safe and sound, leaving her gets electrocuted and fell to the ground, losing her numberling. One day, The Alphablocks have searched for her. E found her lying on the ground.

At The Clubtree, I and N wailed like an ambulance, carrying Twelve with a wooden chair. Eighteen take her to a bed. E looked at her head, it reveals that her numberling is missing. A bought some Tumbleberries for Twelve to eat and O bought a bandage and wrap it around her right corner. Sixteen ran to Sunny Side-Up Jungle. She spotted her numberling which it was revealed it was Twenty-One's Hat. Sixteen asks The Limpokakusauruses where is her numberling. They saw it on the grassy meadow, Sixteen gets her numberling and she goes back home.

Twelve puts on her numberling and she feels well. Hooray for Sixteen!


  • Although NFG City's debut is in Mind Weather, You could see Liyteen sitting on a tree.
  • This is the first time Twelve ever gets sick
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