Alphablock I really, really wants to win the extreme vowel race: everyone else is hopping, riding, driving or flying - but can she do it on her own?

STORY: X hosts the vowel race. I wants to win. Ready! Steady! GO! And they're off! A is slowing down.

v-a-n, VAN!

A rides a van. U tries to catch up.

b-u-s, BUS!

U rides a bus. O tries to catch up.

h-o-p, HOP!

O bounces on a big ball. E tries to catch up.

r-e-d, RED!

E rides a red car. I still wants to win. N scolds to her that she can't do it herself. O is still bouncing.

f-o-g, FOG!

Fog appears. The vowels can't see! When the fog clears...

m-u-d, MUD!

...E's car stops the mud. E and U run on foot, while I still wants to win.

t-a-p, TAP!

A tap appears. U doesn't want to get his shoes wet.

b-u-g, BUG!

U rides a bug. O can clean up with a...

m-o-p, MOP!

A mop appears. It cleans the tapwater. Meanwhile...

h-e-n, HEN!

E rides a hen. I still wants to win. But she can't!

How will the other Alphablocks help?

DIN - D, I, and N play a loud din. But it doesn't help I win.

BIN I jumps in a bin and it’s cover with trash.

PIN A pin appears.

TIN - A tin is cover with peas.

FIN - I rides a dolphin. But she can't win like that.

SIN - Sin bones

HIN - Hin bones

RIN - rin tree

WIN (star word) - I can finally win. When she reaches the finish line, X and the other vowels give him an award.

NOTES: -Total words: 13 (TV Version), 16 (game version). -C, J, K, L, Q, Y and Z are absent in this episode. A , D, E, F, G, P, R, S, T, and V only say their sound in this episode.

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