Wish is a Season 3 episode.


The episode begins with G whispering her wish to the ground and watering it. U walks by, and G says her wish came true; it was to have someone to play with. Then she gets U to make a wish. G suggests for him a great big blue flower that looks a lot like him. U whispers the requested wish and G waters it. Nothing has happened yet. G starts growing her hair, and then out grows a great big plant, which catches G's watering can on its leaf. G sees this, but there's no blue flower yet. U points to G watering can on the high leaf. They have to get it back.

u-g, UG!

It doesn't work. The duo call H, B, R, J, M, T, N S and D for help.

What will they do?

DUG - D, U, and G are underground.

HUG - H, U, and G hug the plant, but it grows some more.

JUG - A jug pours some water, making the plant grow some more.

MUG - A mug is about to rescue the can, but instead grows the plant some more.

RUG - The rug isn't a flying rug.

TUG - T, U, and G tug onto a leaf.

BUG (star word) - B, U, and G ride a bug to the leaf where G grabs the can. U still hasn't got his wish, but it's at the top of the plant! A big blue flower opens, and put on glasses. B, U, and G believe wishes do come true!


  • Total words: 8
  • A, C, E, F, I, K, L, O, P, Q, V, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • T only says his sound in this episode.
  • The nonsense word UG is:
    • The title of a 2001 children's book by Raymond Briggs.
    • Short for some universitiy names (ex. University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA).
    • An abbreviation for Universal Geneve, a Swiss luxury watch company.
    • An abbreviation for user guide.
    • A 2-letter abbreviation for the African country Uganda.
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