Wonders of The Sea Otter Butterflies is an episode of NB.


B, A, N, and D discovered Sea Otter Butterflies that they're baby got stuck in one of Winston's Trap and needed The Grammath's help.


The episode begins at the icy beach. Seventeen, B, A, N, and D were relaxing the cold. It turns to night and The Grammath was tired and need to sleep. B, A, N, and D was waiting for Clam Butterflies. But they were Sea Otter Butterflies who came flying, looking very worried. The Alphablocks tell them what's wrong. They tell that their baby got caught by Winston. Thay sounded out the Grammar Alert, D got the sonar. They turn on the sonar and they warned The Grammath ready for action. B introduced the sea otter butterflies but she don't know who are they. Eighteen tells them who are they. The Sea Otter Butterflies needed them to get their baby out of the traps. F, L, and Y came,

F-L-Y, Fly!

The Grammath got butterfly wings and flies to Winston's Mansion. They get the key and free The Sea Otter Butterflies' baby. Winston's cat, Boss suddenly found that the baby escaped. So he sent out Trappies to catch them. The Grammath flew all the way home. The Sea Otter Butterflies thanked them and fly away. S, L, EE, and P goes on,

S-L-EE-P, Sleep!

Everyone was sleeping.


  • The Sea Otter Butterflies resembled Shellington, Pearl and Periwinkles from Octonauts.
  • Actually, D is going to get Captain Barnacles' Compass instead of the sonar.
  • This episode shows The Grammath entering Winston's Mansion.
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